#122 Crosing the Street

#122/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Jen takes wonderful street scapes and this was my effort. These ladies were the tiniest women I had ever seen – all of about four foot eight I reckon. This was shot at the intersection of Grey and Melbourne Streets in South Brisbane, in the Cultural Precinct.

I love two aspects of this photo – the detail on the building (Ng House) and the bike wheel in the foreground which I missed when I snapped it – being in such a hurry. Thank the Goddess for the amazing zoom on my camera.


6 thoughts on “#122 Crosing the Street

  1. It could be just about any city. I like that about it.

    (Hi, by the way. I met you during nanowrimo and you gave me your card so I came to check out your stuff. 🙂 )


  2. Jen! Hello…. a congrats on cracking the 50,000 words for NaNo. Replying to your email is on my to do list – and I most definitely have not forgotten you.

    Thanks for stopping by… and yes, I love the fact that cosmopolitan Brisbane – actually does look cosmopolitan here.


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