#127 Uncommon Finds

#127/365, originally uploaded by tigerlily4865.

Every year when we go to the Book Fair we find something interesting in the pages of one book.

This time is was a ticket to Michael Jackon’s 1996 World Tour ‘History’. Well it really is history with the passing of Jackson last year.

Dave wondered how much something like this would go for on eBay?

I wondered if the person who originally owned the book was doing field research on whether or not Jackson may have been an alien in disguise?

2 thoughts on “#127 Uncommon Finds

  1. I think I keep it… it’s kept well considering its on that stupid paper which fades and disappears. I’m always on the look out for a bookmark – shame I’m not a MJ fan though.

    I’ll have to try and scan the letter scribbled into the front of my Lolita… it’s quite telling of who it came from and who it was going to.


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