Bonfire of the Vanities

Ashes to AshesI did something slightly crazy today.

I took all my old drafts and mark-ups ( a pile around 4cm thick) which had just been sitting there, doing nothing… and I burnt them in a mini bonfire in the back yard. I took some rocks from around the pool and made a fireplace (something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time and just never moved beyond the idea of..) and set about the task of turning them to dust.

Before you call the mental health professionals there was method in my madness. As I was cleaning up my desk (so I could finally return to it after an 8 week absence due to piles of CRAP!) I came across a timeline/flow chart I wrote out in the dead of night in December last year as I was checking all the stories for The Red Book actually fit.

It seemed disrespectful to then take that and throw it in the recycling. So I hit on the idea of burning it. I took the mortar out on the back verandah and watched it burn. That’s where I got the idea to burn everything I didn’t want any longer. I love fire (I’m a double fire sign) and there is something cathartic about committing something to flames.. the ashes then go in my vegie garden.

The Phoenix is one of my favourite mythical images and I am hoping that by committing these past works to ashes something brand new and brilliant will rise from the smouldering remains. To prove my timing will always be impeccable this year… just as I committed the final pile to the flames the rain came down. Standing in it I felt cleaned and empty in a good way. Ready to fill up on new writing adventures.

2 thoughts on “Bonfire of the Vanities

  1. Not crazy at all. You participated in a ritual. As you wrote so well, fire represents purification…a clean and wholesome end.

    Have fun on your writing adventure. As someone once said, “The Road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began.” 😉

    I am a water sign.


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