2010 Business Plan

This year I’ve fleshed out my plan a little more than dot points (as I did last year). I wrote it almost two weeks ago and already freaking out about a couple of things… but that’s cool.

It is the Year of the White Tiger and I’ve dubbed it my ‘Year of Adventure’ as I seek to push boundaries and really explore what it means to be ‘adventurous’.

Without further ado – my 2010 Business Plan


Write something every day

  • One writing exercise a day.
  • Building up to writing three pages/1000 words a day

First draft of novel by July (80,000 – 100,000 words)

Second draft of novella by October (20,000)

Fiction Friday/Friday Flash minimum of twice a month

  • Dirk Hartog series
  • Adam and Eve series

Submit something for publication every month

  • One submission each  to The Island, Overlander, Meanjin and Griffith Review this year.

National Novel Writing Month (50,000)

Develop and run a creative writing course for school aged kids.

Be open to paid writing opportunities.


Beta reader

  • Up to four a month
  • 48 hour turn around

Edit/rewrite two stories a month.

Be open to paid editing opportunities.


Write Anything column – Monday

Write six guest columns

365 Photo Challenge

Two blog posts a week for Writing in Black and White

Read and comment on minimum of one blog a day/6 days a week.


Read three books a month (or a minimum of 900 pages)

  • Make a to-read list
  • Minimum of six from 1001 books list
  • The Name of the Rose & Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • Keep a ‘have read’ list

A short story a day, for a year

Professional Development

Writing Festivals

  • Emerging Writers Festival 21st- 30th May
  • Byron Bay Writers Festival
  • Brisbane Writers Festival


  • Festival adjunct?
  • Annie’s course
  • The Artist’s Way/Vein of Gold

Writing blogs

  • One new RSS for a writing blog per month


  • Renew QWC membership
  • AWM Online membership

Extra Curricular Fun

Watch one movie a week

Dancing classes

Life drawing


Extra Stuff

One day away from the computer a week.

One week of reading deprivation a year

Computer off by 8:30pm four nights a week.


Attend QWC talks/seminars/book launches


Editors Unleashed Forum


Chinese Whisperings

  • 2010 ‘Yin and Yang’ anthology, for release 10/10/10
  • 2009 ‘The Red Book’ anthology, for paperback release 17/03/2010
  • Photographic project
  • Short film project

eMergent Publishing

  • Register company etc
  • Beta version of platform by October

Reclaim Sex After Birth

  • Revise and extend eBook
  • Renovate website
  • Monthly workshops/discussion groups
  • Every second month newsletter
  • One new blog post every month

E-Publishing Opportunities

  • Kerry and Jane?

Captain Juan

  • renovate the site
  • one new installment a month

Image: Tiger Folk Art Exhibition at Gallery I, Insa-dong via Korea.net

6 thoughts on “2010 Business Plan

  1. ‘Tis rather, but I wanted to put everything down… the things which were every day things, weekly, monthly, yearly etc etc.

    Now to just slowly work my way towards completing them.

    Dirk’s helping me to cross off editing.. and have a short to get ready at some point before Monday’s writing group (no sci-fi weird shit for my writing group – saving that for all my weird, dark online friends!)

    I remembered to put ‘paid’ in there somewhere this time around. You got your list up somewhere?


  2. List making like this is sort of like visualising what I want to create.. that sounds dumb!

    When I stated in 2008 I was going to read a book a month – it happened. And since then it has become part of my standard day, week, month year. It was how I made reading a priority again.

    I still am yet to get to the keyboard and put down something ‘creative’ every day and I haven’t yet mastered the right flow of information on my blog.

    While I feel exhausted looking at the list – I am glad there is an entire year to work my way through it.

    YFNP: you will have to drop back with a link and share your list!


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