A Week Later

I’ve been noticing lots of talk recently about getting back to basics. Not just in my writing community, but in the community at large.

Yesterday at my son’s parade, the Principal spoke to the student’s about organisation, Organisation is the green key (one of five coloured keys which provide the emotional and social framework for the academic curriculum to slot into).

He explained goal setting, as one of the most important elements of organisation and gave a fabulous analogy. He told the kids a dream is really just a nice idea – I’d like to get fit, I’d like to improve my spelling… I’d like to get back to basics in my writing. He said it was good to have dreams, but at the end of the day they were really just nice ideas. They weren’t a practical way of getting what you want.

To make a dream a reality you had to take conscious steps to manifest it. It required both reflection and action. What can I do to get fit – Walk every day to get fit. What can I do to improve my spelling – spend time every night practising spelling. What can I do to get back to basics in writing – work with the elements I listed last week.

Looking back, a week on from my revelations post, I’m no longer sitting bemoaning the state of disrepair my writing life has fallen into. No… rather than it be a nice idea, I’ve actually been doing something about utilising those basic building blocks.

In my Monday column I spoke about something having to give, in order to make writing a priority. In my case, I’m sleeping less. That’s OK, because writing fills up a need in me, which stabilises my moods, compels me to connect with those around me and generally makes me happy and chilled out (despite the lack of sleep, which would normally cause me to be a cranky, nasty harpie!). Everyone in my house has been smiling this week.

Since Monday I have written a new (prequel) episode of Captain Juan based on last week’s Fiction Friday prompt. I have edited up the final episode of Captain Juan for this cycle and posted it. In addition, two stories (one which had been languishing, the other forgotten) have been critiqued, reworked and are now ready to be sent somewhere. I’ve also done one major edit for someone else, and a critique for another. And last night, for the first time ever – I wrote a first draft of my Write Anything column – days in advance.

While the creative juices have been flowing (fighting an uphill battle with procrastination which wants to keep me safe from failing or tackling the too hard stuff), there have been numerous blog posts rolling around in my head.

So expect to see this space less sparsely populated in the future. There’s posts about conflicting advice on rewrites and how to pick the wheat from the chaff in a critique, a post about dreams (of the nocturnal landscape variety) and a couple of posts about the short stories I have been reading.

Thank you to all my friends and writing colleagues who rallied last week. It was the soul food I was lacking and the creative support which, like my basics for writing, is a cornerstone of my craft. I am a better writer, and produce high quality stories because you are in my life.

Image via The Road Ahead

2 thoughts on “A Week Later

  1. It’s great you are feeling more balanced and productive. Looking forward to reading your editing post and catching up on what you’ve been reading in the short story challenge.

    And I am still in awe of the closing of ‘Pearls of Wisdom.’ You have found your writing mojo, methinks.


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