Erotic Science Fiction?

Really what was I thinking when I started with this story idea.

Let’s rewind, for those who haven’t been following my deluge of bizarre facebook updates about dreams, parasites, erotica and science fiction.

The first night I stayed at Jason’s place, during my Melbourne sojourn, the one hours sleep I managed to get (because I was stressing about missing the train home the next morning – as my parents were off to a funeral and couldn’t care for Mr D) was spent having a very full on dream. I say full on, because it was a completely somatic experience and I woke up clutching my side, wondering where the blood and the squiggly things were.

I dreamt I was having pains in my right side – a bit like the pains I had during my pregnancy because Mr D was a right side lying baby and as such, there needed to be extra room for him and my liver on the right hand side – thus my ribs splayed out to accomodate it all. The pains started off mild but grew in intensity – almost like labour pains in my liver. Then I could feel things moving beneath the skin of my ribs and stomach. When I looked down I could see thin finger-like shapes moving beneath my skin. In my dream Jason came to the rescue with a syringe full of something to kill the parasites and there was lots of blood splatter…

At this point – I should point out there was NOTHING erotic about the actual dream. It was utterly disturbing and I really was looking for the exit wounds in my side.

So I got the idea for this erotic sci-fi story where the two characters have got this sexual chemistry burning up between them and at the critical moment these parasites explode out of the female characters. Sounds all very B Grade 50s sci-fi/horror… which was what it was intended to emmulate. But then I was too tired to write it and time slipped away.

I got thinking about lots of things, trying to integrate some new ideas I have been churning over, into the story and it developed from this schlock type sci-fi horror into something deeper. I had to work out how the hell the parasites got into my MC and to really even out the sexual tension into something less about flesh and getting it on… and more about the sensual dynamic between two people, and the internal dynamic. Orgasmic explosions of parasites really is probably in bad taste.

So now there’s Sappho, books of Pop Poetry and book sniffing (where the hell did that come from?)

Throw into the mix Florence and the Machine’s “Lungs” which I have been listening to incessantly since I bought it last Thursday. I have lyrics which fit with the narrative arc and the darkness in my character… and I’m trying to wind the lyrics as a poetry flash back in the shower – so the erotic part of the story is while my female character is in the shower – alone.

This is where I insert a scream… and wish someone would just come in and kill her psycho style… or the parasites would explode from there there and then… *sigh*

I know my MC is having a sexual awakening after locking away herself with her grief for the deaths of her husband and child, while traversing barren alien landscapes mapping the microbiology prior to habitation.

After writing races tonight I have 1107 words and half the shower scene. Seriously, I really could scream (in frustration not in erotic delight)… while we might have had a good giggle and crazy chat about writing about sex after our foray to the Saturday session at the EWF… I’m left wondering what the hell was I thinking? Erotic sci-fi?

Well, we’ll see I guess.

Image: Barbarella from ScifiScoops… and proof you should never google “erotic sci-fi images!” It might have been better to have found an image of some intestinal parasites…

7 thoughts on “Erotic Science Fiction?

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    • I never saw Barbarella and yes – they are apparently doing a remake – if you click on the link at the bottom of the blog post it takes you to some diatribe about the potential remake.

      I’m totally with you on the fact you can’t control a story (whether or not it is good or not remains to be seen!) It definitely won’t let up.


  2. Ok
    A: Barbarrella was awesome. And I agree with the uber-cool Carrie, there must be a remake. But not before I find out how a certain unmentionable novella ends. Christ, I’m dying over here. :-p

    B: Jodi, You could write a scene about grass growing and it would be frickin brilliant. And I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to read it. If you want to experiment with genres, I’ve no doubt it will yield extraordinary results. You have such a knack for sci-fi and erotica melds with that particular genre quite nicely. Also for what it’s worth, orgasmic release of parasites is so amazingly cool I can’t even stand it.


    • Ok – this is where I let everyone know – Chris is NOT on my payroll to say wonderful, ego-boosting things such as the above.

      I’ve just posted off my nasty first draft and we’ll see how extraordinarily I’ve dug myself into a terrible cross genre pit.

      I gift you the orgasmic release of parasites… though there is likely to be a parasitic explosion on the bonnet of a car. My idea is the growth of the parasites is accelerated by the sex hormones. Gosh – I really am screwed up…


  3. I definitely want to read this and see what you come up with. Mixing genres in weird ways can often be a challenge but it pays off when you see your head explode and open up to new ideas.


  4. You are more than welcome to have a look. Chris gave me a good cheer along this afternoon with it so feeling better about the whole process now. You know me – I don’t normally agonise over writing a story – I sit down and let it spew forth through my finger tips.

    I’m sure there are a whole heap of people out there saying, “Oh for Godsakes, just write the bloody story.” I might post a bit up later on or tomorrow…


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