I’ve taken the plunge!

Since befriending Greg McQueen he’s been gently hassling me to take up AudioBoo-ing (is that an actual word… well it is now) and since suggesting it, the idea has been kicking around in my head. When it’s not pushed aside easily by other concerns, you know you need to sit up and take notice.

Podcasting has always intrigued me but I know it requires (to sound great) a lot of effort and some special equipment. So I had put it into the too hard basket (AKA the ‘when-I-have-time’ basket and I never do have the time). Recording a boo is easy. All it requires is an iPhone (though there are desk top apps for recording), the free app and around five minutes of your time… oh and something to say!

Audioboo. Because sound is social.

That’s the catch cry of Audioboo and it is. Being social used to involve talking to people – the nuances of voice and body language and all of that is lost in status updates, tweets and IMing. While gratefully you don’t have to put up with a visual of my hands going a million miles an hour as a I talk, you get the characterisation and modulation of voice… which I love.

This gets me over one of those fears – the sound of my voice recorded (which maybe another reason to have put off podcasting) When I was a teenage I did lots of public speaking and gratefully many of the techniques I was taught have become standard parts of my voice pattern over time (my debating teacher Miss Crooks would be thrilled I’m certain) In Year 12 I was one of several local students invited to have a speech recorded at the local radio station, 3BA. While I had no problems getting up and speaking in front of people – I seemed to freeze up at the sight of a microphone. It took three takes to get a decent recording of my speech and I seemed forever scarred by the experience.

When it came time for my speech to be broadcast I was horrified at the sound of my voice. It was horrendously nasally as a child and a teenager. The worst bits of my voice seemed to be amplified over the radiowaves and left me forever with a tic about the sound of my voice (you wouldn’t tell if you’ve ever been caught in person by me in the mood for a chat.)

My voice has either matured over time or my health is much better and I’m without much of the horrible nasal sound I had (think talking through your nose – it was really bad.) I was amazed tis morning at the sound quality of my ‘ just nattering away to my iPhone’ and the fact I didn’t spend three and a half minues umming and ahhing, or clearing my throat. A much better job than my little impromptu speech at the State Library for the launch of Gnarly Planning back in April.

There are so manythings to like about audioboo (other than the ease of actually recording and uploading one!)

  1. they are soundbites – a maximum of five minutes. You can listen as you are reading through and catching up on facebook
  2. You can autolink through to facebook and twitter (though I bungled mine this morning because I hadn’t actually signed into my account on the iPhone before I recorded) so you literally can listen as you’re trawling through facebook.
  3. They are personal.
  4. You can literally do it anywhere (but hmmm – talking into your phone in a cafe might be just a little too pretentious)
  5. You can record and upload in the time it takes to boil the jug and steep a teabag.
  6. You can follow your favourite people and it is all there on your iPhone to listen to (hello new addiction!)

I could go on but I won’t. Greg you sold me on it and I can’t wait now to apply it to a number of other projects we’ve got happening. The poor man’s podcast? I don’t think so.

For those that didn’t catch it on Facebook, here’s my maiden boo (sorry I couldn’t get a funky box to open)…
Maiden Boo

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