Lost but not Forgotten

Hello. Remember me? It’s Ok if you don’t. It’s been a while. And I’m not just talking about new injections of short fiction. It has been a while, full stop, since I sat down to write a blog post – just for the sake of writing a blog post.

It’s Mercury Retrograde at the moment (through until 13th September – depending on where you are in the world). It’s time to look backwards, or as Mystic Medusa calls is “productive nostalgia.”

To honour Mercury Rx I always set aside my reading time to enjoy favourites I might not otherwise pick up as part of my normal reading (you know, when there is so little time to read it is hard to justify going back to something you have already read.)

This cycle I’m re-reading The Red Tent and Jasper Jones. It will be my third read of The Red Tent and second of Jasper Jones. They’re both books I’ve read in the past few years so I know I’m not going to get caught out with a book I just loved fifteen years ago, only to discover I find it tripe now. That’s what happened with me and the Mists of Avalon last Mercury Rx.

As well as reading, I’m investing what spare time I’ve got to edit and re-write some old stories in preparation for a submissions binge once Mercury goes direct. Mercury is travelling though Virgo so it is an ultra auspicious time for editing (not to mention the Sun is also in Virgo.) I’m bereft of the ability to put words down at the moment, something I’m putting down to the intensive editing load as the writing stage of Chinese Whisperings draws to a close, so I’m hoping going back to old stories and working on them is a good stop gap measure while I wait for my creative mojo to recharge… or to find its way back to me.

On my list to attack, an unfinished (and still un-named) novella, my Parasites story, ‘She-Hero’, ‘The Queen of Hearts’, a short I wrote a long time ago about a possessed roll of film (the ending never really lit me up, but now I have such a better idea of how to end it), ‘Mixed Messages’ and I’m certain to add a few more in if I think hard enough and search deep into the archives. That means I’ll be doing some shout outs in the near future from some beta readers.

And… I might even do a spot of cataloguing. Shock horror!

I can’t help but think, this is the best possible timing for the end of Chinese Whisperings, as attention to detail is key to ensure all twenty stories, plus the prologue and epilogue all hang together in an authentic, accurate and believeable way. Working with the energy is always a luxury, when so much of modern life goes against the incumbent energy.

So while it’s hello, its definitely not good-bye as I attempt to maintain some type of web presence, even if its just for three weeks during Mercury Rx. Just don’t expect any new fiction.

For some other ideas on how you might like to utilise the Mercury Retrograde energy, see here.

9 thoughts on “Lost but not Forgotten

  1. Welcome back. I doff my imaginary hat to your game plan. Folks tell me strategies and deadlines are the best way to write but I kind of just blunder into my next story. Welcome back and I look forward to you unleashing your fiction on us in the not too distant astrological future.


    • I think I sort of blunder too – after all I don’t produce writing on a regular basis – I’m more likely to rock up with a set of edits than a short story. At the moment I’m learning to feel my way though the energy I can draw on. And that energy (Mercury Rx excluded) is editing energy. So rather than bemoan the fact I’m creatively crippled and can’t put down a decent sentence, I can take that editorial hawk-eye and the beautiful razorblade and attack my own work.

      Who says I’m a masochist. And I might even blog a little about it!


  2. Jodi, I laughed when I read you thought the Mists of Avalon was tripe on the second read-through! Before I started writing and back in the dim distant past, my all-time fave books were the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett (deceased Scottish writer). I thought I could never touch her. But what I discovered on the last read-through was that while she was very clever in interweaving real historical events, culture and people with her fictional characters/stories, her MC was totally unbelievable and there were just too many coincidences and it the plot is overly complex. At their heart the six books are a long-winded romance, not the impressive historical literature I thought they were!

    I hope your re-reading/re-writing efforts are well rewarded when you start your submissions binge!


    • Funny how you can go back to an earth shattering book from your past and think its probably only worthy to start a fire with in a dire moment. Mist of Avalon is filled with more pointless exposition than you can point a stick at. I thought, knowing more about Goddess lore and Wiccan way of life I’d be totally engrossed in it, that I’d get it at a far deeper level… but all I got was round upon round of yawns. At least I know The Red Tent and Jasper Jones will deliver the goods.

      Speaking of thinly veiled historical romance – I loved Vivian Stuart Long’s books – the 12 set called ‘The Australians’. When I did some digging I found she wrote under a dozen different names – including her husbands… and she’d been a Mills and Boons writer until the mid 60s when she was kicked off the payroll for having secondary characters in one of her books who were a mixed faith marriage. And that was consdiered scandalous. Looking back now I loved the books, the history but it really was a just a reason to indulge in romance.

      The day was off to a good start with four hours set aside to review and rewrite sections of my Prologue for “CW” and also a rewrite of “She-Hero.” So guess you could say I’m off to a good start.


  3. Ah, so it’s a time for re-dos, eh. No submission binges, then. I have read RED TENT and might pick it up again. Did check (and bookmarked) the link to how to use Mercury retrograde in best possible way. So thank you.

    Also will try the nettle tea. Refreshing oneself inside and out! 😉


    • It does taste like chaffe – the nettle tea, but it is oh so good for you. Like anything which tastes good is actually good for you.

      I’ve found if you work WITH the mercury energy at this time you are less likely to have other issues – ie. your car breaks down, the computer goes fizz-pop, you have issues with your phone etc.

      Thanks for dropping in!


  4. Welcome back to blogging. I hope to hear from you more.

    Such a good plan to go back to old books and to edit old stuff. Perhaps it will reacquaint you with your own voice so you can get in the right head space to write again.


    • Crazy huh – me back blogging. Mercury Rx rocks! Last Mercury retrograde I got back to reading, working on [Fiction] Friday and had a brief stint of blogging again as I tried to reclaim back those things which had been important to me when I first started writing.

      And yes – I hope it helps me reacquaint myself with my voice. I got myself an exercise book today and will start morning pages again, as I try to clear out my head and sort through the tangle of thoughts. I also think trying to clear the backlog of unfinished stories will work a treat. Nothing like having a whole heap of half finished stuff weighing you down.


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