On the Eve

Tomorrow I deliver my first writing workshop. I’m presenting “Will you look at my story: Critiquing the writing of others” at the Hyperdome Library at Shailer Park. It’s part of the raft of wonderful workshops, talks and panels associated with the inaugral Logan Writers Week. And all across Queensland its Queensland Writers Week.

When I walked in to check our the space this afternoon was confronted by my face on a poster along with the other posters for Logan Writers Week. It was rather bizarre… and I pocketed a couple to bring home and stick in a scrap book.

At this point – there are 19 people booked to attend, some I know, most I don’t. Holy cow! It’s about three times as many people as I expected. It’s going to make the interactive and  practical parts rather interesting given I’ve only got 90 minutes (though the library people told me today ther isn’t another group in the space until 1pm!)

I’m lucky enough to have written lots of articles online on the topic, and well… yes I do make my living as an editor (in part) from critiquing work so I’m hoping it will all go smoothly. I’m already horrendously nervous but sure it will settle after I’ve been talking for five minutes or so.

Attire for tomorrow is my funky black NaNo t-shirt from last year. I didn’t get around to getting my eMergent t-shirt done up which would have said, “I was in the shower this morning, and I was thinking about your character…”

So riding the crest of the wave of yesterday’s very successful Yin and Yang Book launch into tomorrow… and beyond!


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