Do or Die

Monday I spoke about my frustration of business intruding on my writing time and space in November. Well Saturday morning my conceptualisation of this month was blown out of the water. It turns out I’m not having the peace and tranquility of the writer’s life. Instead NaNo is the litmus test for everything which comes afterwards.

All year I have struggled to write and edit. I have often felt like the two are very bad bed-fellow. But the thing was, I didn’t force myself to accomodate both. I just spent my time editing and moaned I couldn’t write.

That all changes from tomorrow. Saturday morning the most amazing project dropped into my lap. Something I didn’t want to say no to, and something I immediately felt energised by, to start immediately.

November is a pressure-cooker and its going to be more so, as I work to write and edit in the same space. To kick things off my alarm is set tomorrow for 5am. I’m intending to get up and walk, then be back at my desk for 6am to get an hour and a half of writing in before its time to get things rolling for school drop off. Then from 9:00am – until 11:30am I will be back writing (this time NaNo). And from 11:30 until 2:30 I’ll be editing.

I’ve only ever wanted to be a writer (no matter how good or sought after my editing skills are) so that’s what comes first (and the person I’m going to be working with knows this only too well) I can’t say anything more about The Secret Squirrel Project until some details are ironed out and contracts signed… but you will be the first to know.

Until then… onwards and upwards towards a new work and creative paradigm.


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