50 Copies

Last week my first five copies of 50 Stories for Pakistan arrived. I say first, because as soon as I held the book in my hand, and shared it with my friends at Mr D’s school, I knew I had to order more.

Over the weekend I decided to pledge to sell 50 copies. I posted a few small status updates and photographs late last week and got some nibbles. Tonight, feeling crap about floundering at NaNo and not being as far ahead on an editing project as I wanted to be, I sat down and emailed all my Austalian contacts via Facebook.

It’s not a simple matter of hitting… send to all. Unless I’m doing it wrong – you can only email 20 folk at a time… so it took me almost two hours to email all the Aussies on my list. But it paid off. In a little under three hours 24 copies were gone… almost half of what I set out to sell.

Here’s the letter I sent out. If you are an Aussie reader, and you’d like to support a great cause (and get your hands on a fantastic read) leave a comment below.

* * *

In August this year, Greg McQueen (an ex-pat English writer living in Denmark), decided he couldn’t sit back and do nothing again. Earlier in the year he’d created 100 Stories for Haiti going from an idea to a book with 100 flash fiction pieces in six week. This time his focus was on the victims of the Pakistan floods.

He again invited writers the world over to donate a story. Again he was joined by a dedicated group of volunteer editors. The front cover image from Getty Images was donated. And six weeks later, on the 28th October 50 Stories for Pakistan rolled off the presses at Blurb.com.

In the anthology, my flash fiction “The Man Who Would” (it is the final story of the anthology). Joining me, six other Chinese Whisperings writers – including my two Australian friends Benjamin Solah and Annie Evett, and my London-based business partner Paul Anderson.

Now it’s time to share it with the world.

I’m committed to buying a bulk consignment of 50 books and want to find homes for them all before Christmas. This is where you come in. It is coming up to Christmas, so if you don’t already need a reason to purchase a copy – here’s one. Buy a copy, buy multiple copies, to share with loved ones and friends alike. Doing so not only shares the Christmas spirit but doubles the impact of your dollar, as all profits go directly to the British Red Cross to help with the ongoing efforts in Pakistan.

Interested? Willing to support me, support an awesome anthology full of excellent (and thought provoking stories in many cases) and support the victims of Pakistan floods.

The cost is $10 and postage on a bulk consignment around $3 per book (possibly less). I will personally deliver all purchases within an hour from my home in Brisbane (which includes the Gold Coast) For those outside of Brisbane – I will check postage, but the book is small and light and I imagine it to only be a few dollars extra for postage within Australia.

Please share this with friends and family, so they can inturn spread and share the word.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks in anticipation of your support.

~ Jodi

You can find more info about 50 Stories for Pakistan here at Big Bad Media

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