Kissed by the Sun Redux

White Peaks
My vampire story for Ticonderoga’s Dead Red Heart anthology is back on the chopping block. I got an email from the editor , Russell B Farr,  this morning saying “Kissed by the Sun” couldn’t be used in its present form but I could resubmit a rewrite. Better than a rejection any day!

Again I feel like the Universe was looking out for me. We went to Burleigh Heads on the weekend and I got a chance to experience the feel of the water and sand, wishing I’d had it a few weeks earlier so I could rewrite the sections at the beach… especially the sensation of the sand being sucked out from under the feet and the rapid sink… what a great metaphor for Anke descent!

The story is currently at 5580 words and I need to chop it down to 4500… condense the story, cut some of the dialogue, actualise the relationship between Anke and Isolda. The good news though, is the gritty location of Brisbane and the Gold Coast got the thumbs up and there’s nothing askew in the narrative. And the wonderful Chris Chartrand has offered to cast a razorsharp eye over it also.

So picking up my beautiful razorblade to start chopping. The litmus test will be: ‘does this progress the story?’ If not – out it goes.

Kudos to Russell who took the time out to talk to me on the phone, in between my phone service to drop in and out, and visitors arriving earlier than expected.

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5 thoughts on “Kissed by the Sun Redux

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  2. It’s such an excellent story. So unique, I love it. I had to start my edit over because I realized I was reading it through, caught up in the story, rather than reading for an edit. A good sign.


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