Happy New Year

It is a few days in and I am back at my desk. Happy New Year to you all. I hope the festive season treated you well. I’m glad to be back home though wishing the loafing continued on for at least another week. Well all need dreams, don’t we?

January is normally a time of quiet for me as I take the time between the Western New Year and the Chinese New Year to slow down and reflect. For me I always find the time leading up to the New Year too hectic to give proper attention to what has happened during the year and what I want to manifest in the coming one – thus what I’ve termed “The Creative Pause”.

Well… that’s the way I’ve done it in the past few years. However in 2011 I seem to have leaped in  fresh from holidays  to juggle a brand new Literary Mix Tape for Valentines Day, with completing projects from 2010 for eMergent Publishing and Chinese Whisperings as well as trying to get ‘the year’ off to a good start by doing a writer’s boot camp with Jeremy Shipp… and trying to pause and reflect on the year gone and the coming into being. For the first time those dreams I regularly have of missing exams and not handing work in on time, might just become a reality!

So this is kind of a Clayton’s creative hiatus… only I think it tastes a little better than its namesake!

Looking to the future, there are several things I already know I want for 2011.

  1. To write and submit more stories.
  2. To blog more with the aim of breaking into the Top 50 Australian Writing Blogs.
  3. To work towards a place in Clarion South –  if not in 2012 then 2014!
  4. Spend more time with my writing friends
  5. Committ to reading more speculative fiction and short fiction.
  6. I’d also like to take up dance class and learn the guitar.

Of all those,  I’m glad writing is at #1… I need to write more. Enough said! You are welcome to return in  several months time and remind me of this post.

Image: ‘Tones’ by Orangeacid and used under a Creative Commons License.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. This list is simple? Good lord woman! I reckon if you achieve 2-3 then you’re doing great. My list for this year?
    – Get myself happy/through my mid-life crisis (am turning 40 this year and the shit has mos def hit the internal fan)
    – Get research project done and submitted by March 2012
    – Write better stories and submit to only paying markets (except Jodi Cleghorn for the love anthos, natch!)

    That, my friend, is it! I’ll, of course, be happy if I just get the first one sorted…the rest will follow 😉

    Good luck with yours!!


    • I had no idea it was the big year for you this year Lily. Is there a party planned? I have no idea what it will be like for me in a few more years when I face down those dreaded numbers… but aren’t they saying that 40 is the new 30? Always shifting goal posts.

      This list looks simple compared to the daunting list racking up in my head for eMergent and Chinese Whisperings. And simple because there are any number of ways to achieve them. Last year I got too bogged down in the detail and ended up achieving not a whole heap of what I set out to do.

      I like Jen’s yearly plan which has built in flexibility to pencil things in as you go. Going to give it a try in combination with these goals.

      And I’m with you on the paying markets – though having said that, it would be nice to have a few more publishing credits of any kind under my belt. Subbing is where my entire practice falls down.


    • Any help, as you know, would be gratefully accepted. I have a back catalogue of almost 100 blog posts from my two years at Write Anything that should be put to good use here – plus a committment to stay more in contact with what is going on digitally.

      But any crazy schemes you’ve got brewing for blogging – let me know. I shall be following your lead!

      So much for a little introspection.


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