Shake Shake

The contract for Dead Red Heart landed in my inbox tonight, making the acceptance of “Kissed by the Sun” much more of a reality – all that hard work paying off. Reading it was interesting, not just from an author’s point of view but a publisher’s, coming across legal publishing terms I’d never heard of and looking them up. It makes me very grateful for the plain speak approach to license writing Paul has for eMergent. There is no unnecessary legalistic jargon or antiquated language in any of our contracts. They get straight to the point and also include a summary of definition at the beginning.

Best bit about Ticonderoga’s contracts though… not fluffing around to get a signature on it, just need to reply with ‘shake shake’ in the subject of an email. How terribly cool!

Now it is time to put pen to paper one more time to get my bio in order and to also write a short bit about the actual story. It is funny to see someone else requesting something I love. Boots on the other foot now though. I’m not sure what I’ll be writingabout, possibly a little of the backstory which didn’t actually make it into the piece, a little about the lingering impact of stories told by others. Not sure yet.

The anthology is going to be huge, well over 400 pages, with around 32 stories in it and is set for release in Easter at the National Science Fiction Convention in Perth. Not too long to go. Can’t wait to actually hold a copy and lug it to school to show all the Mums and Dads there. So who has a birthday around Easter time. No guesses on what you’ll be finding in your mail box for your birthday – a present with bite.

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5 thoughts on “Shake Shake

  1. I really can’t wait for this anthology. It’s got you and a heap of other people I know in it. Do you know if it’s coming out as an ebook too or for Kindle?

    Congratulations again (tinged with a bit of envy)


    • It will be out in hardback, trade paperback and also eBook. I’m not certain if it will be a simultaneous release of print and digital though.

      I know Patty Jansen is in it… but don’t know of anyone else. I’m patiently waiting for the release of the table of contents!!

      And I’ll allow you the tinge of envy… you wouldn’t have envied the slog of rewrites the damn thing underwent. The final word count came in at 4400. I easily wrote 12,000 words to get it and then two major rewrites. I’d make more money flipping burgers at a certain fast food giant.


      • I know Alan Baxter is in too and a few others I know through the Australian Horror Writers Association.

        I’m actually envious I didn’t put in the work. Not taking anything away from you of course. I just need to do the work if I want to get my chances.


    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks so much for dropping in to say hi and comment. Great to know someone else in the anthology. It is my first foray into this genre so excited to meet some new writers.

      Are you able to give me the link from Apex -I’m fascinated to see how far and wide the word is getting out already about the 100 Stories for Queensland anth (have been so busy I haven’t even had the chance to update this blog about it!)

      Please do submit a story – the more aussie stories in there the better. It is a traditional submission process for 100 Stories… unlike my other crowd sourced projects or invite only. A whole new gig for me.

      Thanks again for stopping in and for helping spread the word.


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