Lucky Thirteen

Ticonderoga Publications released the ToC for Dead Red Heart today and “Kissed by the Sun” appears as the 13th story. I’m stoked! I’ve long been an advocate of the number 13 as a magical and amazing number and for “Kissed by the Sun” to be in the number 13 slot… well it feels ‘right’…  the perfect place for my first Australian published story.  I’m in such brilliant company too. But don’t take my word for it –

“The Tide”, Martin Livings and friends

“Mutiny on the Scarborough”, Shona Husk

“Sun Falls”, Angela Slatter

“Such is Life”, Jeremy Sadler

“Apolotoi”, Chris Lawson

“Punishment of the Sun”, Alan Baxter

“Red Delicious”, Felicity Dowker

“Just a Matter of Economics”, Yvonne Eve Walus

“Quarantine”, Patty Jansen

“Out of the Grave”, Amanda Pillar

“Desert Blood”, Marty Young

“Thin Air”, Simon Brown

“Kissed by the Sun”, Jodi Cleghorn

“Black Heart”, Joanna Fay

“Renfield’s Wife”, Damon Cavalchini

“Listening to Tracy”, Jen White

“Breaking the Drought”, Jay Caselberg

“Children of the Cane”, Jason Nahrung

“The Sea at Night”, Joanne Anderton

“Sky in the Morning”, Sonia Marcon

“Taking it for the Team”, Tracie McBride

“All that Glisters”, Pete Kempshall

“The Rider”, Martin Livings

“Vitality”, George Ivanoff

“Coming Home”, Kathryn Hore

“The Little Red Man”, Ray Gates

“Deathborn Light”, Helen Stubbs

“The Life Stealer”, Donna Maree Hanson

“Behind the Black Mask”, Jacob Edwards

“Interview with the Jiangshi”, Anne Mok

“White and Red in the Black”, Lisa L Hannett

“Lady Yang’s Lament”, Penelope Love

I’m intrigued by “The Tide” collaboratively written via the organisation by Martin Livings (who dropped by here to say hello last week) and  the creative genius of ten other authors.

“Kissed by the Sun” is set in Fortitude Valley and Surfers Paradise across a decade in the life of vampires Anke and Isolda, and travels from amphetamine chicks to schoolies exploring the themes of love, obligation, revenge and redemption. The only sparkle you’ll see… the moon catching the swell of Surfers at midnight.

Dead Red Heart contains 32 fabulous Australian themed vampire stories, spanning 130, 000 words and over 400 pages. It is due for release in April as a trade paperback and also as a limited edition, hand signed hard back.


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