Gearing Up For Workshops

At the end of February I am off to Ballarat, my home town and site of many teenage escapades, for my 20 year high school reunion. For those who are regular readers… yes, that explains my #fridayflash Lily Lillian from two weeks ago. While I am in Victoria I am hoping to run one of my critiquing workshops,  firstly because workshops are a buzz, and secondly, I’m facing up to finding new and inventive ways to bring money in.

I ran my first workshop as part of the Logan Writers Week last year. It seemed like a good place to start, given I have never taught before (even though the Registrar of the high school I worked in a decade ago, said I missed my calling as a teacher? I was employed there as a Behaviour Management Officer… now stop that sniggering!) I thought I would ease into it with perhaps five or six people, so I was gobsmacked and not a little unnerved when I discovered the day before the workshop, 19 people were booked in. Nothing like a sink or swim moment.

I loved every moment… I can see the thrill of teaching, especially when you have a captive audience who are there to learn. And the feed back was so overwhelmingly positive, I decided I’d try my hand at a few more workshops this year. In fact without too much effort I’ve already had two people from last year’s workshop offer to write a testimonial to accompany the information about the workshop. One lady said she could write thousands of words… exactly how many did I want!

To assist me on my way, I’ve created a new page, detailing exactly what I do in a critiquing workshop. Now to start emailing writing groups and festivals, and generally spreading the word.

The awesome cartoon at the beginning is the infamous Inky Girl by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, used under the nominated Creative Commons License. And yes, it is the first rule of critiquing, even the worst story has something good in it.

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