Write Anything – The New Generation

“This is where we are going. Are you coming with us?”

~Write Anything, Future Vision Statement ~

Last year, Paul and I assumed responsibility of Write Anything, under the eMergent Publishing umbrella. The old ways of doing things had reached a point where they were no longer sustainable. Three of the five weekly writers were burnt out and it looked as though the blog, which meant so much to us, would fall by the way side. I suggested to Paul we take ownership of it, and drawing on our pool of writers connected with Chinese Whisperings, restaff and revive it with a fresh wave of talented and passionate writers. And restructure it in a way, which would avoid this stagnation and exhaustion taking place again. This idea struck an immediate chord with Paul, and once the OK was given by former site owner, Karen Maxwell, Paul stepped up into the Managing Editor shoes, with Annie, Dale and I stepping up into editors roles beneath him,

Though the road leading to today, has been longer than it should, and we haven’t completed the new site, which will be hosted on the eMergent website, we are excited to unveil the Future Vision. The Future Vision , along with the credo reflects three things. Firstly, our positive experiences and our strong feelings for the website. When you read through it is clear what we’ve got out of it.  Secondly, the integral part this collaborative blog has played  in our creative journeys as writers. Paul and I met as readers and [fiction] Friday contributors there, and wound up founding a publishing house together. Lastly, it reflects the ethos of eMergent. We are a publishing house there to support emerging writers; we believe we work for the writers, not the writers working for us.

The Future Vision states:

When we created eMergent, it was not simply to publish fiction. Key to our vision was to discover talented writers, encourage new voices, and to support others in developing their craft. Write Anything is an integral part of that outreach.

The credo outlines five key areas:

  • community
  • global
  • cross-genre
  • inclusive
  • egalitarian

You can read the entire document here. If you are interested in being a guest writer leave a message on our Facebook wall or contact either Paul (@panderson1979) or myself (@jodicleghorn) via twitter. We are keen to have host an abundance of new voices, new ideas, new perspectives and new experiences on Write Anything.

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