100 Stories for Queensland: Author Roll Call

It’s been a long wait for those on the long list (days feel like weeks and years when holding out to know if you’ve been published). And believe me, for all of us working on the project it has been excruciating not being able to say anything about made the final cut.

The management team for 100 Stories for Queensland have announced today who will hold the coveted 100 spots.

Well known authors include  Alan Baxter, Janet Glover, Anita Heiss, Krissy Kneen, Sue Moorcroft, Geoff Nelder and Sean Williams. I also see an excellent representation of well known and much loved #fridayflash authors in there as well.

Congratulations to everyone who entered a story, and especially to the following:

Sam Adamson Kittens!

Tomara Armstrong Drake M. Causeway: Intergalactic Explorer

John Baird The Safe Option

Kim Bannerman The Turtle Inventory

Michael Barton Tea with Mr Christopher

Cath Barton Listening to the Muses

Alan Baxter The Speaking Tree

Jessica Bell Surviving the Kitchen Tiles

Sharon Birch A New Woman

Ev Bishop Riddles

Megan Blandford The Moving Sun

Julia Bohanna The Beach Where He is King

Stephen Book After All These Years

Nicholas Brodie Bubble O’Bill

Gillian Brown The Anniversary

Catherine Burrows Face to Face

Christopher Chartrand The Carver’s Daughter

John Chilton Easter Bunny

G.P. Ching Why I’m Overweight

Dave Clark Thumbnail Sketches

Patricia Clarke  Bushmen’s Barbecue

Laurie Clayton Going Solo

Nicola Cleasby Weird and Creepy

Penelope Cottier Beating Creativity

Vicky Daddo The Long and Short of Life in the Future

Mary Davies Angie

E. N. De Choudens The Miracle Tree

Jennifer Domingo One tenth of a second

Josh Donellan Stunt Kite

Miriam Drori          Who Sees the Light?

Alison Earls Travelling Time

Kelly Erickson Queensland

Kari Fay B Is For Benedict

Corinne Fenton Lucy and the Lonely Hen

Karen Field Amunet’s Gift

Joanne Fox On Pegasus’ Wings

Alexander Gates Antisocial Sciences

Janet Glover On the Road East

June Gundlack The Real Me

Ross Hamilton Triumph of the Scientific Mind

Heather Harris Sick Weather

Jo Hart A Penny for a Wish

Keith Havers Why Can’t I Take Life Easier?

Rosemary Hayes The Perfect Wedding Day

Anita Heiss Paris Dreaming

Lunar Hine Cake

Robert Hoge Real Rhythm

Sue Houghton Tough Love

Mandy James Ignorance is Bliss

Amelia Jewell Strange Little Boy From The Future

Benjamin Judge Coffee

David Kennedy Generous Bastard

Emma Kerry Confessions of a Toddler

Krissy Kneen The Lounge Room War

Jean Knill The Prize Conger

Janet Lee The act of waking

Linda Lewis Making  a Good Impression

Peter Lingard Comfortable

Ruchira Mandal Little Hooligans

Kathleen Manson Flat Life

Monica Marier The Night Faeries

Robert McCarter Soggy Shoes

Kristina Meredith Second Hand Rose

Catherine Miller In A Jiffy

Theresa Milstein Daisy

Virginia Miranda The Artist of Montemartre

Sue Moorcroft A Career in Crypto Zoology

Gracie Motley The Car Trip

Ika Koeck  Destiny Driven

Jennifer Muirhead Red Planet Blues

Helen Nedahl If Wishes Were Horses

Christine Nedahl First Love

Geoff Nelder The Examination

Emma Newman Her Smile

Ciara O’Brien D-Day

Sylvia Petter The Burka

Jonathan Pinnock The Wrong Bots

Aaron Polson The Ballad of Arkady and Nadia

Joe Ponepinto A Handout for the Ages

Natalie Potts Lounging

Sally Quilford Jets Vests and Broken Crockery

Jenni Redman The Night of the Prom

Barry Rosenberg Dr Jello & Mr Set

Alison Runham Pop

Melanie Saward Watch and Learn

Glynis Scrivens Short-sighted

Brenda Seabrooke Sweet Corn

Stephen Shieber Sweet Juliet  1935

Pamela Storey Two and a Half Minutes

Vicki Thornton One Winter’s Day

Luise Toma The Beast

Julio Ricardo Varela Power’s Sunday Slam

David Vernon Another World

Devin Watson Transmutator

Simon Whaley Painting by Numbers

Aliya Whiteley The Thready Treatment

Sean Williams This Magical Life

Brenda Wood A Whale of a Tale

Daniel Wynne Gut Feelings

Helen Yendall Fisticuffs

20 thoughts on “100 Stories for Queensland: Author Roll Call

  1. Let’s hope that this sells really well. The idea of losing everything is so terrifying. As a writer, I am delighted to think that my story will help to raise money for those who need it so much. It’s rare to be able to do anything directly useful with words: you just send them out and hope they touch someone, somewhere.

    Penelope Cottier


  2. I’m hoping also that it sells well Penelope. There is definitely something in this anthology for everyone. Stories of inspiration, stories that touch the heart, stories that leave you scratching your head and others which entice out a rip roaring belly laugh.

    I’d love to use your quote:
    “It’s rare to be able to do anything directly useful with words: you just send them out and hope they touch someone, somewhere.” If that’s OK with you?


  3. I live in Australia and the devastation in Queensland is immense. I thank you for your initiative with this fundraiser and hope that you will raise a lot of money for those affected by the floods.
    I am thrilled that my friend Sue Moorcroft’s story was chosen, as was my husband’s,Peter Lingard who is also a Brit and now calls Australia Home….


    • Hi Mary,
      You’re in the midst of talented folk with you husband and Sue. And I’m with you in hoping we raise lots of money.

      The intiative came from Trevor (my opposite number in the UK) who put a simple status on facebook which said: 100 Stories for Queensland? As a friend of Greg McQueen’s and having helped out on 50 Stories for Pakistan, I knew exactly what the status meant, and we were up and running less than 24 hours later.

      I had a friend at high school whose surname was Lingard, her name was Eva. When I saw Peter’s name on the list, it bought back from wonderful memories of an old friend, I haven’t thought of in a very long time.


  4. I’m delighted and honoured to have my story included in the anthology. My oldest friend has most of her family in Queensland and was there during the floods. So although I live in the UK I feel a connection. I’ll be encouraging everyone I know to buy the book.


    • Hi Cath,
      I don’t think there are too many degrees of seperation when it comes to the Queensland Floods – everyone knows someone.

      Looking forward to getting this book into as many hands as possible.


  5. Thanks to everyone who is helping to put this together, it is such a good idea. Hopefully it will bring in a lot of much needed support, and I’m so pleased to be part of it!


  6. Proud to be part of such a worthwhile cause. Big applause for those who started it off, and the hard work carried out behind the scenes to get mixed, baked and ready to go. Will aim to spread the word as far as possible to help sales. Don’t know what your secret ballpark figure is Jodie, but hope sales overtake it many times 🙂


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