Interviewed Tomorrow

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. To make up for it,  Rebecca Blain’s blog On Writing will get a bit loud when she interviews me tomorrow about my professional trident – writing, editing and publishing… and how it all fits together (or doesn’t).  Lucky for her she asked all the questions and I was wearing a skirt so I didn’t need to ask if I could unzip my pants (I’m pretty sure she’s not into ties as well).

There’s a comparison between Chinese Whisperings and Literay Mix Tapes. In addition to all the business stuff, she asks me my opinion on writers and their reading habits (pull out the soap box), how to land the coveted ‘acceptance letter’ and which writer dead or alive I’d like to hang out with. It won’t be who you expect (I dare you to have a guess below).

Like all good Saggittarians – I love to talk, so my interview will stretch across two days to accomodate my lengthy answers – there was a lot of good stuff to talk about. For those who stop in and leave a comment (or a question of their own – and no I won’t unzip my pants!) a chance to win some eBooks. So mosey on over tomorrow and Wednesday.

For now – here’s a sneaky peek at what’s coming up there (as it leads into my next blog post!)

Do you find your ability to work as a writer, editor and publisher suffers at all from trying to do it all?

Yes, and sadly it is my writing which always takes a back seat – either because of tiredness, or lack of inspiration, because I’m just too full up with other people’s stories to find room for my own (last year the Yin and Yang Books was 22 interconnected stories!) or I feel editing and publishing take a higher priority. Editing is a suck on your creative reserve – especially the projects I am involved in, which are very ‘hands on’.

The irony of giving up editing to write, only to find myself back with an editor’s hat firmly on my head is not lost on me.

Image: Interview Questions from Toothpaste for Dinner.

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