Release Me

Oh my goodness me… I can almost see the light at the end of the 100 Stories for Queensland tunnel. It’s been a long haul, longer than it needed to be between illness, more natural disasters, personal and business issues, colliding deadlines.

I have in the last half an hour uploaded the files to the printer in the UK and by Friday I should have the proof copy. This means I’m moving from dread to a kind of excited anticipation. I’d like to thank everyone who has been part of the cheer squad and especially Trevor, David, Nick and Maureen who do their stuff behind the scenes to keep things moving – especially Maureen and David for getting the list of authors and staff up on the website.

Until Friday, here’s a few details, including the lovely cover (which I can thank my cousin Michael for converting into a good quality jpeg file) and the blurb.

“One hundred beautiful stories. Our stories. When so much was lost or destroyed, this was created. That’s something that can never recede or wash away.”
Kate Eltham
CEO of The Queensland Writers Centre

100 STORIES FOR QUEENSLAND has something for everyone, from slice of life to science fiction, fantasy to romance, paranormal to literary fiction. Heart-warming, quirky, inspiring and funny the stories between these covers will lift readers to higher ground.

ISBN (Print): 978-0-9871126-2-0
ISBN (eBook): 978-0-9871126-3-7
Pages: 316
Dimensions: 229x152mm
RRP: A$19.99, US$19.99, ₤9.99 €9.99

100 Stories for Queensland will be released worldwide on Tuesday 3rd May. The book will be available as a paperback  via Print On Demand and an eBook downloaded direct fromthis site. The book will also be orderable via your favourite book store as of next week.

For more information email: storiesforqld[at]emergent-publishing[dot]com

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