Renegade A to Z: C is for…

…completion, commencement and collapse

Today is launch day for 100 Stories for Queensland. It was meant to be launch day for both the eBook and for the paperback, but well, things got in the way of the paperback. I could be lead to believe I am cursed (oh there’s another ‘c’ word for you) when it comes to paperbacks if it weren’t for the successful launch of Em Newman’s From Dark Places – which included, yes, boxes of actual books.

I’m exhausted, ready to collapse, after being up until 3:30am straightening out the website, completing the proofing, the corrections, formatting the eBook, getting all the files on the server. I wasn’t going to bed yesterday without knowing I could wake up and it was all done.

There’s the downer of realising the printer doesn’t have the kind of POD capabilities I assumed it did – which is why the paperback is held up. While it’s bad everyone will have to wait for an additional two weeks, its good because we can try and rush the chart (bing!) on Amazon, and for Australian folks – they can order through Book Depository and get free shipping. The list price will also be lower as it feeds in from the UK price point.

And now, uppers and downers aside… a feeling of euphoria? No – just the feeling that I need to sleep for a week.

I wrote last week about the love-hate relationship I’ve had with 100 Stories for Queensland, so at the end, I feel as though I should feel some type to release, like the doors of the prison swing open and I’m told I can go forth and…

Yes, go forth and what? (other than sleep that is, and of course, catch up on all those writing deadlines which have gathered DUST in the past month)

I am a project whore. I’m always working on the big details for the next project before the project I’m working on is done – why magazine and anthology work is perfect for me –short time frames, differing material… I’m like a publishing goldfish, with only a slightly longer attention span.

With the completion of 100 Stories for Queensland (bar the publicity and promotion – which is like the phase three rocket taking you into totally unknown territory) it’s time to think about the proper commencement (bing!) of my next project, Literary Mix Tapes’ “Eighty-Nine” anthology, which gratefully has been quietly written as I’ve been finishing up on 100 Stories.

The first stories are about to land in my inbox.

But first… sleep.

IMAGE: ‘c’ is also for catastrophe. Not long after this photo was taken I knocked said groovy cup of jasmine tea all over the book, the table and my iPhone. Now Gracie Motley’s story “The Car Trip” has a slightly yellowish tinge to the top half of it. Bugger!

2 thoughts on “Renegade A to Z: C is for…

    • That dreaded A to Z… we should have been true renegades and done the Z to A.

      I hope you’ll come and be part of a Literary Mix Tape project with me in the near future. I’d love to have one of your twisted tales featured on those pages.


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