A few FAQS on 100 Stories for Queensland

After the weekend’s debacle with The Courier-Mail and another blog post which alerted me to the fact incorrect information has the capacity to travel fast (and vast distances) I cobbled together all the questions which seemed to be coming up consistently about 100 Stories and set in concrete (yes, another Moses moment – not!) some facts about the project.

This appears on the 100 Stories FAQs page and also the blog…

Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding 100 Stories for Queensland. If there is something we’ve forgotten… let us know in the comments section. Please feel free to use any of the information provided here in blog posts, articles, press releases etc.

What is 100 Stories for Queensland?

100 Stories for Queensland is a charity anthology of flash fiction, that is, short stories of under 1000 words, in aid of the survivors of the worst flooding in history in the Australian state of Queensland.

100 Stories DOES NOT contain real life accounts of the floods. Everything between our covers is fiction – or so our authors tell us!

100 Stories follows in the footsteps of 100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan, from the creative philanthropy of UK ex-pat, Greg McQueen.

What kind of stories will I find in 100 Stories for Queensland

100 Stories for Queensland has something for everyone, with stories in a number of genres, including literary fiction, science fiction, magical realism, romance, fantasy, humour, paranormal and slice of life.

Where are the 100 Stories for Queensland authors from?

The stories were penned by an international contingent of writers. A quarter of the stories came from Australia, a third from the UK and the rest from across the globe including the USA, Spain, France, Austria, Malaysia, Israel, Greece and Canada.

What format is 100 Stories for Queensland available in?

The anthology is available as an eBook (in epub and PDF formats) downloadable from this website. It will also available as a paperback in mid May.

How much is the anthology?

The eBook retails at A$4.99 and the paperback A$19.99 (US$19.99 and ₤9.99). Different third party retail outlets may sell for more or less.

Where does the money go?

Money from the sale of the book goes to The Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Fund.

100% of the sale price of the eBook is donated.

100% of the wholesale price (less printing costs) of the paperback is donated.

When can I get a copy?

eBook are available now. Paperbacks will be released in a fortnight’s time (date to be set pending uptake by third party distributors).

Where can I purchase 100 Stories for Queensland?

HERE: Right now you can download the eBook direct from this site. The paperback will be available for purchase through this website mid June. All paperbacks bought through the website will have a free eBook bundled with the paperback.

ONLINE: In the next fortnight the paperback will be available through online retail outlets such as Amazon and Book Depository.

LOCALLY: In the next fortnight you will be able to take the ISBN into your local bookshop and they will be able to order the paperback in for you.

IN BULK: You can also contact us directly if you would like to organise a bulk shipment. Bulk shipments for Australia are recommended for mid-June (when our printer opens its Melbourne press) to avoid astronomical shipping charges!

SAMPLER: Not sure if 100 Stories for Queensland is for you. You can download the first 11 stories, plus the foreword as a PDF or ePub file.

Is this an eMergent Publishing project?

Yes and no. eMergent Publishing is the publisher of the anthology, but the project is a community based one, made possible by the generosity, skills, expertise, time and energy of a group of 40 people working behind the scenes.

How can I help promote the anthology?

You can buy a copy and post a review to:

  • your blog/website
  • YouTube
  • your social network
  • Goodreads, Shelfari
  • Amazon, Book Depository etc

Use the online ratings system on Amazon, Book Depository, Goodreads etc.

Participate in our Amazon chart rush (more on that in a week’s time)

You can request an interview with one of the 100 Stories for Queensland team to run on your blog or website.

You can place an image of the book cover on your blog/website as a widget.

You can buy a second copy and run a competition or promotion on your website/blog – especially during the month of May which is Short Story Month.

You can change your social media profile picture to the book cover.

You can send a press release to your local media outlets – newspaper, radio etc. Contact us if you need help with this.

You can send information on the anthology to any literary newsletters you might receive.

You can organise a local launch or reading at your favourite local bookstore or library.

You can suggest the anthology as a possible read for your book club.

Word of mouth… not just through social networking, but telling people, face-to-face about the anthology: friends, family members, work/sport/hobby colleagues or complete strangers.earch” />

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