Pies, Rolls, Radio, Impending Farewells and Sparkles

All good intentions to hang out in Borders went out the window! I purposely chose to ditch “work” today so I could write in there and then ended up in the library. I wanted to break the day between the two – because a day of sitting in Borders at the table a bit too long for my personal ergonomics. I got so sucked into my story that before I realised, it was 1:30am and I was in the groove. Didn’t want to disrupt the pace.

I wanted to write in Borders today because they close on the weekend. It’s been beyond sad watching the demise of the shop over the last two months and worse, watching people who would never normally shop there, picking over the store like vultures. I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy anything from their. Mr D bought a DVD and I felt guilty enough about that.

It’s not just sad because we’re losing an awesome bookstores (I remember it opening just a few years ago) but the Gloria Jean’s coffee shop, and by default my ‘other office’. I’ve been sitting in that little corner for more than two years putting words on paper. It was where I wrote the majority of my (still unnamed and unfinished) Fourth Fiction novella (yes Chris Chartrand, if you are reading, I will have it finished before the end of this year… I miss it). I’ve written so many things there, including the foreword of The Red Book.

I’m not sure where I will set up home next. I need somewhere outside my house, with little or no distraction AND access to tea, to write effectively. As I fall in love with writing again, and maintain the momentum I have created, perhaps writing at home will be less of an issue. More on the ‘do-able spectrum’.

My optimistic nature kicks in and tells me one door closing is really just the sound of another one opening.

– – –

I started off in the library today for the sake of my back. Between stress and the cold, it’s a mess. I plugged $4 into one of the massage chairs today just to get a little relief – which I did, and a huge dose of drowsiness. It was enough to get me through the day.

I can’t wait for Rachael to be able to come over and give me a massage. They might just have to be regular this winter if I’m going to be able to function without on going pain.

– – –

Walking into school today my friend Amanda and I were chatting about what we’d been up to. Before I even got a chance to say I’d be writing, she turned to me and said, “You’ve been writing, haven’t you.” I nodded. “I can tell,” she said. “I sparkle,” was my reply and she nodded. “Yes you sparkle when you write.”

I’d only been thinking, driving across from the library to school how I feel totally different when I’ve been writing. When I move beyond the trippy disorientation of coming straight out of a story, I honestly feel like I’m walking on the sunshine. I still can’t believe I actually said to another adult, I sparkle!

– – –

Yesterday Amy, from 4ZZZ’s Book Shop emailed to confirm at spot for me on their show Thursday, 9th June at 7:40om. The good news for those who don’t live in the Brisbane area – they have web streaming. You will be able to tune in wherever in the world you are and hear me, hopefully not make a goose of myself, live on air.

We tuned in and listened to Josh Donellan several weeks ago and when Mr D heard I was going to be on radio, I think he was far more excited about it that I was.

June 9th is also the anniversary of me going into labour with Mr D (he was born 12:40am the following morning) and it’s therefore a fitting date somehow. I feel like I am birthing a new version of me, not a newer and better version, perhaps just a more mature, wiser one.

– – –

All I’m going to say about the frontal assault began on the list of ISBNs yesterday is HOLY HELL! I had no idea there was so much work involved. I’m going to have to chip away at them one listing at a time. Another example of expectations being to small to fit the reality of the job.

The terrible mash up between The Red Book and Nothing But Flowers has been fixed… as has attribution to “Poul Anderson”. I can’t believe Paul would misspell is own name – not once but in several places. The data base has been having a bit of fun, I think.

– – –

I’m so on a roll with writing at the moment. It has been so long since I have felt this good and been so productive. My Eighty-Nine anthology (#LMT89) story is coming together beautifully. It’s a little harder work than I thought it would be as it’s told backwards, and as a consequence I’m moving between section tweaking as things come to light further on. I don’t have a name for it yet… though cocaine is central to the story so maybe I can get away with a JJ Cale tribute in there as well!

And much to my relief, while it is riffing from some events in my life, they’re detoured far enough away now for me to consider the characters as their own persons. I realise now Rebecca Booker, the main character (and narrator) doesn’t have any kids… so what has happened to Toby makes it all the more damaging for her. She’s really had nothing to lose, except a new boyfriend.

I pitched the story to Scott (one of the Dad’s at school today) and had him clapping his hands, and bopping up and down… so I’m guessing I’ve got the narrative (to date) nailed if I can entertain and partially stun him. Plan is to get it finished up tonight and off to beta readers for the weekend.

The story currently stands at a little over 1100 words and I think is on track to nail the 1575 upper word limit.

– – –

Dave printed off my contracts for Karen and the Hope Anthology yesterday at work. Will fill those out later and get them in the post. Then I will be done!

I had an embarrassing moment of clicking the wrong David in my address and David Robinson got an email which began, “Hi Darling” – with my blank contracts attached. Ooops! I can’t even blame it on being drunk.

– – –

Last night it was a gastronaut’s delight in our house. I cooked from scratch a chicken pie – the pastry was perfect, and then my first ever fruit cobbler. The apple and raspberry were perfect and I woofed it down watching Spicks and Specks. It’s like totally losing two and a half hour to the kitchen , but with the cooler weather I’m enjoying being in there. And the lack of nasty deadlines makes it possible to relish food creation rather than despise it. Better get in while the goings good, as it will all change next week.

2 thoughts on “Pies, Rolls, Radio, Impending Farewells and Sparkles

  1. Wonderful – they’re still doing the “Poul Anderson” thing? As nice as it is to be confused for a successful Scandinavian SF writer, I’ve asked them to fix that about a dozen times over two years. And they do, only for it to come back. And wandering ISBNs that get attributed to the wrong book mysteriously? That’s a familiar story.

    If you ever get the “unable to update because of a field that it won’t allow you to add anyway” error, then you’ll have arrived in my personal Bowker hell…


  2. I’m going to have to consider finding an office away from home soon I guess to deal with the next few months. Perhaps somewhere in the city where I can work, meet Margo for lunch. Hopefully it will help me not sleep in too!

    Glad the writing is going well.


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