Renegade A to Z: I is for


I’m headed into the 4ZZZ studios in St Paul’s Terrace tonight to talk about the projects I’m involved in – specifically 100 Stories for Queensland and Literary Mix Tapes. For those outside of Brisbane 4ZZZ is the independent radio station here. We heard Josh Donellan on the show a few weeks ago, talking about his involvement in 100 Stories for Queensland and his projects and thought it would be a good platform to talk a little more about 100 Stories. Then I won ‘The  Hembury’… and there was a whole heap more to talk about.

At this point – I’m feeling just a little bit nervous. The last radio interview I did was with Cyrus Webb at the start of last year. I drank a glass of champagne before I dialled into Mississippi for a three way, three continent discussion about eMergent Publishing and Chinese Whisperings. I have to drive to teh studio so a big dose of pink bubbles isn’t going to work. And I will miss having Paul interviewing shot gun ‘beside me’.

The last time I was in an actual studio, I was 17, shit scared and trying to record a prepared speech for a public speaking competition the 3BA was running for Ballarat high school students. Ack – it left me traumatised!

I don’t’ have to wear a uniform this time this time, and I get the opportunity to talk about a bunch of things I’m passionate about… so what could possibly go wrong. You can listen in wherever you are around on the world via their webstreaming and the podcast will be available thereafter.

You can read other recent online interviews:

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