A Quiet Word With Patty Jansen

I have the honour today of talking about 100 Stories for Queensland, my publishing adventures and winning ‘The Hembury” in May over at Patty Jansen’s Need Bigger Elephants (what a smashingly awesome name for a blog!) Please feel free to slip over for a read and leave a comment.

I also have a few questions from Angela Slatter waiting to be answered, for a not too distant Drive-By on her site. I’m torn as to whether to choose the donut or the danish?

And speaking of quiet words… the lovely staff at the Queensland Writers Centre sent me a little something in the post today.

After years of believing the post only bought bills and nasty letters from Centrelink, I have renewed faith and excitement in the arrival of the postie each day. Kind of like being a kid all over again.

Mr D becomes my official postman
putting books in the post for Alan Baxter and Andrew McKiernan
(the first of what will be hundreds of books to many excited readers)

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Word With Patty Jansen

    • Thanks Stacey. Hoping that the recognition has knock on effects for everyone who works with me, and for eMergent in general in the longer term. I think after several months I’m finally feeling okay about acknowleding the award myself and I’m ever so grateful for all the doors it is opening for me (and us).


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