Paperbacks are A-Go Go

It’s been a big week for eMergent paperbacks with 100 Stories for Queensland and Nothing But Flowers finding their first home in an Australian book store. Many thanks to Chris, Fiona, Krissy and the rest of the staff at Avid Reader in West End. I’m told info about the books went out in Avid’s newsletter yesterday. It was wonderful to see them on the front counter, and tonight saw them also on the front table pile of books along with the latest James Bond book Carte Blanche, Leslie Cannold’s Book of Rachel and Max Barry’s Machine Man. In very good company.

Tomorrow I have to run the gauntlet to get 100 Stories into the hands of the staff at Riverbend Books and Black Cat Books in Paddington have agreed to stock it as well. Additionally Peter Pal, library suppliers in Shailer Park took stock of 18 copies last Friday and James Bennet in Sydney have requested a copy. Finding the time to keep up with it all is challenging (to say the least). Especially when my awesome office imp, Laura Meyer is located in Victoria!

Buy Online Direct from eP and Save

The online book shop at 100 Stories is up and running, so you can buy the paperback there for $19.99 + P&H (RRP $29.99 here in Australia). Same goes for Nothing But Flowers, $16.99 (including P&H – RRP $19.99) at the revamped bookstore on the brand new Literary Mix Tapes site

6 thoughts on “Paperbacks are A-Go Go

    • Thanks Keith. It is wonderful to have so many awesome authors in the book who are still out there promoting. There is still much to be done and money needed… and stories to be read and enjoyed!


    • You keep popping up when I’m not around! I’m trying my best to do well what I love, and so many people around me, love also. Big joy would be to publish something from your wonderful pen some time. Are you still writing?


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