Pre-Order the Chinese Whisperings Anthologies

In 2009 we were struck down by the CW Fairy in the creation of The Red Book. In 2010 we found ourselves caught up in an airport, unable to move on during the writing of The Yin and Yang Book. So it almost seems auspicious in 2011 to be delaying our official launch because of an admin glitch putting us into a distribution holding pattern with Amazon.

But… it’s not all bad.

You can pre-order both anthologies now… here. The Red Book retails for $17.99 but we’ve got it at a special pre-launch price of $14.99 (plus p+h) and The Yin and Yang Book for $22.95 (normally $27.95 + p&h). We also promise to drop them in the post as soon as a new official launch date is set – even if this means the books get to you BEFORE the launch.

You’d think I’d be bummed… but it is just par the course for Chinese Whisperings. I can hope when the paperbacks are actually released, so will the CW fairy, the bad airport karma and whatever baggage we’ve accumulated over the past three years, ready to produce new and exciting anthologies next year, sans the publishing headaches.

While we can hope for check in cues which move efficiently in 2012, I know the airport toilets will just never be the same for me. And I doubt I’ll sit in a departures lounge, in the next ten years (maybe even longer), and not spend my time trying to spot characters from YandY. Such is the life at the helm of Chinese Whisperings…

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