Day III Extract: Amanda’s Story

I moved on today to Amanda Pine’s story, the young 18 year old who has inherited her father’s apartment above Robert’s. She never knew her Dad.  Lucinda works at the law firm where Amanda’s father filed his will! She also lives next to Robert and was Ryan’s friend. She’s not some gold-digger. I love her sass.

A reminder again, this is as raw as it gets – straight off the finger tips!

– – –

“Amanda you’re upset, I can see that. Why don’t you come by the office tomorrow and I’ll get Ryan’s will off file and go through it with you. I realise I’ve been remiss in helping you to understand exactly what was included.”

“Ryan this, Ryan that. Why can’t you say ‘your Dad’”.

“Fine. Come in tomorrow and I will walk you through your Dad’s will.”

“It’s not going to bring any of it back though is it. You took it all.”

“It’s gone. It’s the way he wanted it.”

“You fucking took it. You left me with nothing.”

Lucinda cracked. “Nothing. Really. Well let me tell you some home truths sister. I put myself through six years of law school working two part time jobs and four summers clerking in a shitty cubicle in the city. I lived in the worst fucking share house in St Lucia and rode my bike into the city four nights a week for the first two years because I didn’t have enough money for public transport, much less a car. You have just been handed a vintage car, a half a million dollar art deco apartment and a thriving cafe. Don’t you stand there and stomp your princess feet and tell me you have nothing. You think you have a monopoly on feeling cheated because your Dad died, well he was my friend and I miss him too.”

“There’s nothing of him. You took away all the bits that were him.” The tears spilled down her flushed cheeks. “I don’t want the cafe, or the apartment or the car. I just want my Dad.”

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