Eighty Nine Book Trailer

Last year, Devin Watson pitched the idea of a live action book trailer to accompany EIGHTY NINE… an ease into the idea of LMT’s Movie Project. I’m not one to stand in the way of moving pictures, so I sent him on is way with our blessings, eager to see what became of the idea.

I’ve watched the book trailer grow and develop over the past few months, from a video hello from the shoot site and Devin’s hand drawn story board back in November, to the rough cut and most recently, the soundtrack just a few weeks ago.

On the weekend Devin released the book trailer into the wild…

Many thanks to Devin who birthed this from concept to reality (and all the work he put in to make it happen), to his DP who shot it, those who helped with the soundtrack and colour, and lastly to ‘Amiga’… who ironically lived only an hour away from the shoot site! Even my son picked her as the ‘girl from the front cover of the book’.


On the weekend Devin unveiled the final product.

1 thought on “Eighty Nine Book Trailer

  1. Holy cripes! I’m so impressed that he managed to retrieve your cover woman and put her in the real world (or at least locate her in the real world.) This is very fun, guys. Great work.


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