Piper’s Reach Blog Spot – Paul Anderson

Handwriting is the soul of a person.~ Adam

Any type of literary project launch would feel decisively empty without the presence of my business partner and best mate, Paul Anderson. Adam and I talk to Paul today about what exactly an organic narrative is and the embellishments handwriting brings in the digital age. Paul also unknowingly pitches a potential theme for the Piper’s Reach Class of 1992 Reunion.

Handwritten letters convey so much more than plain text… the words forgotten in the run of an idea, the way the writer tires and writing becomes progressively harder to read, the watermark of tears… ~ Jodi

You can read the whole interview here… the most intimate and organic of conversations Adam and I have for the entire blog tour!

2 thoughts on “Piper’s Reach Blog Spot – Paul Anderson

    • Given you were the first person I ever sat in the literary sand pit, it would have felt wrong to not meet you somewhere along this road. Working with you laid down the foundation for all my further collaborative work. You should see Adam administrate… hell, I wish we had the money to bring him on and pay him to run projects for us. He makes me look like a social loafer!

      Whether I can make the Reunion theme work beyond concept remains to be seen… given it was the rise of grunge at the time: make up and big hair had really passed their used-by dates. Shorts became to grunge what polyester suits had been to disco!

      I have to say I’m only a little bit excited to find out Pearl Jam’s “Ten” hit the charts in a big way in 1992 so I finally have an ‘old’ soundtrack to work from. Adam’s done a superb job of plumbing the depths of the music archives… now it’s time for some good old fashioned grunge to squeeze into the letters.


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