Piper’s Reach Blog Stop – Tim VanSant

In this day and age of hyperconnectivity, we get flustered and frustrated when we do not receive instant gratification, notification, response, call back or feedback. ~ Adam

Adam and I are hosted by Tim VanSant today, on the 3rd stop of the blog tour… and for me, it’s a chance to get out and meet new people. Tim asked us to share our thoughts on delayed and instant gratification, the place of letter writing in a digital world and the management of time and expectations. There’s a distinct possibility we might wax poetic (that would be Adam) or verge on the philosophical (probably Adam too!)… definitely no mention of who is wearing the pants today,… and  we even offered to clean up when we left (yes, Adam again!)

I feel as though I am living in two separate but connected time streams. There is the slower time stream where Ella-Louise and Jude exist and the faster one where Adam and I live. ~ Jodi

You can read the full interview here. Feel free to drop in and ask a question or share an observation in the comments.


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