Piper’s Reach Blog Stop – Alan Baxter

Jude uses music as a bridge to link him to the past (the experiences he shared with Ella-Louise as a teenager) and to the present. Jude sees the broken Ella-Louise and remembers the girl he loved. ~ Adam

Alan Baxter has been a devout supporter of my work as an editor and publisher for many years–he was the first professional writer whose words went under my razor blade. In true Al style he issued the first invite when Adam and I floated the blog tour and began looking for launch ambassadors a fortnight ago.

In all honesty–Adam and I struggled to keep the answers short. We could have talked endlessly about the influence of music on our lives and writing, and how music has a powerful symbiotic relationship with the narrative, the characters and the shape of the online delivery of Post Marked: Piper’s Reach. But we kept it short. Well, short-ish.

The lyrics [Ella-Louise] shares are tiny glimpses inside her, but for every answer they illuminate, twice as many questions are spawned. ~ Jodi

You can read the entire interview here. For those interested, the original soundtracks to the answers (the ones tapped out Sunday afternoon from our respective balconies, before they were cut them down to palatable size) were Audioslave (Adam) and UNKLE (me).

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