“Intersected” in Vine Leaves Issue 2

The second issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal is out. Dedicated to the overlooked form of the vignette, editors Jessica Bell and Dawn Ius seek to entwine the reader in atmosphere or as they put it: wrap you in a world where literature ferments and then matures …

My story “Intersected” has the honour of being included in the second issue (page 17).

“Intersected” is pulled from my unfinished Seeker Lover Keeper collection of interconnected shorts (my NaNoWriMo 2011 project)–and is the originating concept for Chinese Whisperings! The fact I didn’t finish NaNo last year, makes the publication of “Intersected” all the sweeter–even though I didn’t ‘win’ I’m leagues ahead of other years where I got my 50K and never went on to do anything more with the words I wrote. It’s encouraging to know from the detris and the final crash of my confidence, something emerged.

Robert is the first character who has ever graced my pages seeking a happy ending (really, anyone who knows me, will realise a character seeking a happy ending is barking up the wrong tree here!) But there was something so compelling about Robert I couldn’t turn him away. He must have left a trail of breadcrumbs because less than two months later Ella-Louise arrived, also looking for a happy ending–possibly even more broken and lost than Robert!

Published writers are not islands. I’d like to thank: Chris Chartrand who did the original beta read for me, and gave me the thumbs up to keep going; Laura Meyer who gave it a second beta read, including much enthusiasm for how good it was which in turn fueled my flagging confidence; Tiggy Johnson who turned her austere editor’s blade to simplify the sentence structure and imagery to create a more powerful moment in time; Stacey Larner who proof read while cradling her tiny baby boy; and finally Jessica Bell who first encouraged me to submit something and then believed enough in what I submitted to publish it.

Submissions for the Volume Three (for publication in July) opened 1st April and close 1st June. You can read the submission guidelines here.

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