New Piper’s Reach Letter

So did Jude write back?

Well, I guess it is kind of obvious he did, if four and a half months on Adam and I are still penning the fictional missives. You can read Jude’s reply to Ella-Louise here (and I highly recommending opening and reading the original handwritten letter – our handwriting is a bit hard going for the first couple of letters but you soon get into the swing of reading it).

I’m waiting on Jude’s 7th letter at the moment (14th in the series). Re-reading the first of Jude’s letters yesterday I realised how it all started off quite innocently, or as Adam commented – tentatively. Ella-Louise and Jude getting a feel for (not of – though by letters 10-12 you could debate me on it!) each other. How the past, present and future are all murky – none have managed to form up into any kind of recognisable shape. Of course several months of writing in, it’s not so innocent and there’s nothing tentative about the way these two are unpicking the past… it’s like looking for fragile fossils with a backhoe.

But really… that’s all in the future (even if it’s my present… this project really messes with the concept of time!)

If you haven’t had a chance to dip your toe in the surf at Piper’s Reach – now’s the time, with only two letters to bring you up to speed. And hopefully you’ll come back for more.

NB: I’m told the salt leaches into you in a way which binds you to the place… so maybe you might want to avoid the beach at Piper’s. There’s a lovely fish and chip shop which sells the best hot chips – perhaps a better stop to nestle in and read the missives – and ask for your chips without salt!

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