Letter Three at Piper’s Reach

“Did you… I mean, were you really in love with me? I thought that “moment” at the after formal party was… you know… just one of those things which almost happen. You have no idea how many times, in the dead of night with nothing but the sound of a dripping tap or the companionship of late night radio and a cold cup of coffee, I’ve wondered what if.” Ella-Louise, Wednesday 1st February, 2012

It’s Piper’s Reach Day! (No–actually it was yesterday–I somehow wrote, reviewed and then forgot to publish this!) The third letter dropped into the box around lunch time. But it was double Pipers Reach Day because I just received letter 15 from Adam today. It’s the first time the two have synced up (sure it won’t be the last though).

From now, things start to get messy and a bit dark, but there are moments of laser insight and beauty. Perhaps this time around I’ll see the beauty in Ella-Louise’s brokenness, because I sure as hell didn’t writing it (despite Adam’s reassurances). All I wanted to do was write with the poetic turn of phrase belonging to Jude. Writing the early letters of Ella-Louise was traumatic, felt like my guts were being ripped out with a side serving of my heart. I actually cried at several points, just thinking about her and her lot.

Today, receiving Adam’s letter, I remembered why I got into this gig. I wanted a project which I could love with my whole heart, which required nothing but me showing up at the page, that I could do with someone else and would be ‘fun’.  Post Marked: Piper’s Reach gives me this. And I know this because today was a blue, flat and unmotivated day. Overcast, cool and dark… a bit like me. But when I held Jude’s letter in my hand and curled up on the couch to read it, a small ray of light lanced the darkness and I felt better. I wanted to pick up a pen and write. I know for certain there is a synergy between these two characters… and I can say that because Adam and I still maintain the blanket silence known as “no spoilers”. Where Ella-Louise is now, connects perfectly with where Jude is. But hell… I apologise. This is three months into your future. Sorry!

Best of all, I know Ella-Louise’s new-found sense of peace will transcend my own darkness and perhaps blunt the sharp edges of it. I could say about bloody time. But perhaps it’s best put: she owed me big time and I’m glad she’s coming through for me today.

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