Review as Monologue

My theme post Come in, Take a Seat is up a Write Anything today. It’s an update on the progress of my projects (Pipers Reach and my birthpunk novel/la).

Even though I’ve had forward momentum on both the projects, I floundered when it came to sharing the progress with the WA readership. I didn’t want to write a dry, boring citation of progress–especially given it’s almost the end of the month and we’ve had almost four weeks of others’ updates.

Intrigued with the monologue and the most intimate of storytelling, via fictional diaries and most recently, letters, I chose to share my review as a monologue. Not sure how it comes off, I’ll let you the reader decide. All I can say is, I wish all reports were this much fun to write.

Maybe next time I’ll pen a letter… or postcard!

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