Best of Friday Flash 2 Book Cover

Last week, eP in conjunction with the #fridayflash community unveiled not one but five potential book covers* for the second collection of The Best of Friday Flash. The cover design was inspired by a blog post I read several months ago by Craig Mod and riffs off the original cover design of 100 Stories for Haiti.





When I sat down to design it I wanted to create an evergreen design for the #fridayflash community, something that would not only brand the anthologies but make the cover an easy task in coming years: a simple design that only required small tweaks in colour and background titles to produce a unique but recognisable new cover.

Rather than decide between the four of us (Jon, Rachel, Tony and myself) we decided to throw it out to the community of writers and readers to decide what colour the cover would be.

Voting is open for one more day. Votes may be cast here. And the good news is, if your colour doesn’t get up this year, there is always next year!

*Clicking on any of the individual covers will allow you to look at a larger image.

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