Day Four #postitnotepoetry


Today we started the first of the battery of tests for my son to ascertain his academic level and better understand the way he thinks.

There is no ‘normal’. At worst ‘normal’ is associated with the lowest common denominator. Normal assumes there is a mold to fit, a mold to break. If we go looking for normal… Well we’d better spend time searching out rainbows and pots of gold.

My son isn’t brilliant. I don’t expect these tests to come back and tell me he is a genius. These tests will enable us to negotiate with the school to provide work to re-engage Mr D with the learning process. They are a first step toward a new love of learning.

Addendum: It occurred to me after I wrote this, that these rounds of tests and the reports that come after them… these are our way of trying to articulate and feed into a system, what is normal to us as a family unit. It’s about finding a way to express, and ultimately integrate, what’s normal for us.

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