Day Seven #postitnotepoetry


It’s been a long time coming, to be able to sit peacefully among all the mad-capped ideas without falling victim to do it NOW! Patience hard won in a way.

I’m still bad at delayed gratification for a lot of things, but I at least I understand better the power of patience when it comes to ideas. They will still be there tomorrow and the day after. They are immune to the dramas of shelf life. Too bad I’m not!

3 thoughts on “Day Seven #postitnotepoetry

  1. I have always been a mental hoarder of ideas, which has made for a disasterous relationship between writing and editing. I’m slowly weaning myself out of my head and giving ideas a chance to hibernate on the pages of a note book.

    What for me is the real ‘killer’ is that lure of the energetic rush accompanying the release of new ideas. It is highly addictive for me and while I was depressed it was the energetic push I used to get out of the trough.

    So this is as much about me allowing myself a chance to find something of a statis, a place where I can trust myself to generate energy, connection and an up vibe, without having to start something new. It’s also a lead on from last year about learning the joy of completing the unfinished. That there is as much of a thrill in that as there is in starting something brand new.

    For now I’m content to know I have ideas for the next FOUR literary mix tapes, have three brand new concepts to trial for Chinese Whisperings as well as new ideas for adaptation for the existing CW concepts.

    They won’t go stale… if anything the anticipation of starting at some point in the future, will make it sweeter when I do begin the process of releasing them into the wild.


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