Day Nine #postitnotepoetry


Not sure there is much to add to this – other than I decided not to pass it to Lisa Leo ( my scribe partner for next week), but post it up with the school mag as a back drop.

RADAR LOVE is the longest poem I have written and even though I’d promised Lisa some teenage angst – I felt wrong leaving her with such a big poem to squeeze onto such a small square.

4 thoughts on “Day Nine #postitnotepoetry

    • The whole requited love dimension has ALWAYS been there in Piper’s Reach but as an unconscious one (honestly it was only in the last week and a half I even though of it all through that filter – yeah, I’m slow right?) It’s not until the bombshell letter is that even ever articulated between Jude and EL.

      There’s a boy in the above photo who was my utter crush when I was 15… I think the degree of my infatuation actually imobolised me from doing anything about it (that and the fact he had a girlfriend!) Then twenty years later I found he’d had just a wee bit of a crush on me too… the things you find out on FB late at night!

      It was that revelation that lead me to write “Cocaine, My Sweetheart” which will hopefully one day become a novella in its own right.


    • High school… ahhhh! The ease in which we are able to confess our heart with the protection of a twenty year buffer (though that might not exactly be the case for Jude and EL!) No safety buffer there.


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