15. Solage #postitnotepoetry


This is my first (and possibly only, given I think I may have peaked early) solage. Inspired by Janette Dalgliesh’s poem over the weekend.

Cameron Semmens describes solage as: a very short poem that has two small lines that rhyme and ends with a single word. His PDF not only walks you through how to write but offers some great examples. It was this poem of Cameron’s that inspired mine:

How do I get there?
And what will I wear?
– a dress

Janette adds that the end should come with a twist, and points out mine has the twist in the pun! Accidentally compliant, is all I shall say.

More solage’s offered up today on the #postitenotepoetry group…

~ Janette Dalgliesh

~ Paula Beavan

~ Rob Cook

~ Jo McClelland

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