Week in Review #postitnotepoetry

We’re not quite at the end of the third week of #postitenotepoetry, but we are at the end of this calendar week and on that basis I have permission to do a week in review.

It was a week that saw poetry scribed by others, solage become the form du jour, poems of all ilks rolled out to observe Valentines Day, social issues raised, discussions on frivolity swirl and more folk join the Facebook Group (now boasting 58 contributors with the core group from the beginning still going strong).

My picks for the week are:


~ Sean Wright’s “Expectant”

~ Adam Byatt’s “The Runner”

~ S.G. Larner

~ Paula Bevan

~ Rob Cook “An Optimist’s Valentine”

Maria Kelly’s “Swimming”

~ Patty Beecham

~ Jo McClelland

~ Kelly Erickson


~ Lisa Leo’s “Halfway Homeless”… scribed by yours truly.

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