My Muse Is Not A Muse

My muse is not a muse
Though my not-a-muse does amuse

He swears off pants, though undies on head is
The perfect attire for a super hero
With very mild superpowers
Who cuts through bullshit
And index fingers with equal aplomb
A horizontal slice is his kryptonite.

My not-a-muse walks with a prayer in his heart
A jam donut in hand
And a Dad joke on the tip of his tongue
His footprints are words
His legacy left in ink and precision folding
Two skills to rule them all.

A rouged rhythmist
With beige bravado and TARDIS blue nails
My not-a-muse sorts the jigsaw
To help me construct 1000 pieces of blue sky
And hang a moon in it
Over the lighthouse in Piper’s Reach

My not-a-muse is aIMG_3862
Future Miles Franklin winner
Present day philosopher and
Former creativity denier
Who held my hand as I climbed onto the rail
Of a sinking ship and dived toward my future.

My not-a-muse is a muse.
In everything but name.

Happy Birth Day, Adam.

2 thoughts on “My Muse Is Not A Muse

  1. Many, many thanks for your words, Jodi. It is truly humbling to have someone speak so positively, when it is hard to acknowledge what others see in you.
    It is a genuine pleasure and joy to work alongside you, in creating something so joyous and wonderful as Piper’s Reach.
    You have nurtured and encouraged many new, talented writers, and chose me to work with you on a new project, putting your creative trust in my own abilities.
    Thank you.
    It is an honour.
    Adam B


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