Day Seven #nanowrimo

Day SevenWords for the day: 1545 (ironically more than yesterday!)
T-shirt: The Wild Thing Ate Max
Best song vibe: “Free Fallin'” Tom Petty (1989)

Today felt hard. It took forever to get my focus on. It was through the luck of being about to hit the page at the same time as Ben Payne that got me to stop dithering and commit.

It feels like my head is slowly being compressed, tighter and tighter. I need a chance to get out of my house, by myself, and walk, drive… reassert a sense of freedom. The best I was able to do was decamp out of the writing cave and sit beside the pool. That’s where I wrote all the words for the day.

Good news is I DID hit the 20K mark today. Act 1 is over and the fun and games inside the house begin. Marie the chamber maid has come to the fore as her own character, which is nice and although I think I knew who she may be, I could be wrong. She is definitely a legacy of another residency.

Oh and did I mention – Christian and Tabitha FINALLY KISSED. I jokingly said on Facebook today that my story is schizophrenic. One moment it is a horror and the next a romance. It is definitely gothic horror (like Elyora, only Elyora felt less weirded between the two genres!)

So, who is up for a first kiss?


“This is what we wanted,” Tabitha said, her face a light with excitement.  Her eagerness to believe etched in the curve of her smile.

“It’s one thing to dream.”

“And another to accept that dreams manifest in ways we can only believe afterward.”

“None of that law of attraction bull shit, Tabitha. We’ve spoken about that and you know –”

“You don’t believe in it. But what if? Think of all those things you have built. That you thought up and made real in the world. Thought preceded action and –”

“It’s nothing like that.”

“Stop thinking,” Tabitha said and kissed him, his lips hard beneath hers. She drew his top lip between hers and then his bottom lip, waiting for him to yield.  “How many times did I think of that and despair it would never happen,” she said. “That I would never get a chance to kiss you. But here we are.” Her fingers traced the line of his lips. “Would it kill you to just surrender to something you don’t understand?”

“I might not understand this, but you…”

He put his hand behind her head and drew her to him. This time his lips were soft under hers, moving slowly then with a growing demand until Tabitha pulled away.

“How about we get a room?” she said and laughed when he reached to keep her close to him. The lightness broke the deadlock in her chest and she dashed beyond his reach, bounding up the stairs with grace and eagerness that transcended the weight of pain and fear she’d carried into Dalhousie. For a moment, the staircase became the billowing lungs of white sheets beneath the old Queenslander of her dream and they were back playing hide and seek. Breathing in her old life and breathing out the new. As she ran through them, her feet finding the stairs, and the fantastical transposed over the real, she knew this would end with the solid reality of his body when he caught up to her. And the sheets dissolved back into the low-lit, wallpapered landing on the first floor.

She grinned at him from the balustrade then ran down the hallway toward where Marie stood unlocking a door, knowing she’d be tangled in sheets with him before the house slipped between the minutes. Her body hated and broken by Robert would be made new under Christian’s touch.

He swept her into his arms when they met at the open door.

“Your back,” she protested.

“Fuck it,” he said and carried her across the threshold of the room, his lips locked to hers.

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