Solidarity for Steubenville Hacktivist (In Verse)

Written in solidarity and recognition of the unjust legal backlash against hacktivist, Deric Lostutter, who was instrumental in revealing the cover up of the Steubenville High rape. Lostutter potentially faces up to ten years jail time in an adult prison if found guilty of the charges bought against him by the FBI, compared to the rapists he exposed (who received sentences of one and two years in juvenile detention). Ma’lik Richmond was released from juvenile detention on the 11th having served just nine months of a twelve month sentence.

Inspired by Political Blindspot’s article today and Sarah Mehmet’s comments that Lostutter’s only crime was challenging the status quo.

* * *
Truth danced on red shoes
until you hacked it free.
They persecuted you
for the crime of
undermining the status quo.
And from your cell
welcoming cheers went up
as the first of the shoemakers were freed.
The community closed ranks
while the girl they’d tied the red shoes to
was forgotten.
Her tears moistened your whetstone
as you sharpened your axe
and passed it on.

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