Post It Note Poetry: Week One

Last year Adam and I dared each other to write a month of really bad poetry. Adam upped the ante by adding size parameters – the bad poetry needed to fit on a post it note. And #PostItNotePoetry was born, growing to a Facebook group of over 60 people by the end of the month. From the core group of scribblers, we formed a new writing group, The Post It Note Poet’s Society which, almost a year on, is as alive and vibrant as it was in the beginning.

Neither Adam or I committed to Post It Note Poetry in 2014 in an attempt to narrow our focus, resolve our steel to GSD (Get. Stuff. Done). On February 1st, Sean Wright put up his first poem and we were back in, pouncing on words and snippets of colours paper, like seagulls squabble over hot chips.

Here is my first week’s worth of poetry.

IMG_7260 IMG_7263 IMG_7265 IMG_7267 IMG_7282 IMG_7286 IMG_7292You can read Adam’s poetry here.

Sean’s poetic musings are best followed on Twitter @seandblogonaut

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