How the Mongoose Fell in Love #PostItNotePoetry

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How the Mongoose Fell in Love

Take ca cup of coffee snow,

add two teaspoons of dog sugar,

a dash of tooth milk

and ferment in a vacuum

until core temperate reciprocates.

And with that Post-It Note Poetry as an every day creative adventures ends!

Canticle… #PostItNotePoetry

of fear is creeping
for Leibowitz
of the turning
of the sun
/Scarborough Fair

The poem is mixed with Flaii-chan’s artwork Creeping Fear, via DeviantArt.

The Green Man


They buried it deep inside.
The seed of the beginning.
Filled tubes with nutrients
and chanted the quickening.
Patiently they waited
for their greatest creation.
But flesh cannot survive
without a heart
and acorns live
for earth and sky.


Lois took the final lines to create the haunting ‘The Knight and The Seed’.