Hello World, It’s Me, Jodi

It’s been a while.

I could write several volumes about what has happened since I last blogged in September, but I won’t. That’s the past, and this is me, here in the present, peering off into the future.

IMG_6286To state the obvious, the blog has had a make over. Thanks go to Shauna O’Meara for the sublime artwork (and for working with me when I was at my least amiable and most scatterbrained). I’ll blog a little more about the inspiration for the artwork in the next week or so because there is a bit of a story to go with it.

Pursing Parallels refers to the fact that life is often an multiple overlay of any number of roles and responsibilities. At any one time, I’m a licorice-allsorts combination of writer, partner, mother, friend, daughter, publisher, editor, poet, teacher, depressive, psychic, lover… and the list goes on. For me, pursuing a life of passion and fulfillment means living in parallel worlds. Sometimes to my benefit and other times to my detriment. Pursing Parallels is also about chasing characters across the unchartered landscape of the imagination, immersing in nature when my default is the (sub)urban and having an interface with the weird and wonderful.

Bit by bit the inner renovations of the site will unfold (many new tabs have ‘coming soon’). Thank you for your patience as the work continues. If I’d have waited for everything to be completed, I might never have started blogging again.

IMG_6301 (1)

The most important things to know (and yes, I am going to dot point them!):

  1. I am back, how regularly remains to be seen, but with the shift of focus there will be plenty of new, exciting subjects to write about. From a health and wellness perspective, I am moving into a better place and with this comes a desire to engage with the world again,
  2. the revamped blog will focus (primarily) on three areas: writing, wandering and ‘the woo’ as I want this to reflect who I am now, and who I am still becoming,
  3. yes, I am still writing but not editing or publishing anything new (just yet!) and since I last wrote there’s been a few new publications (I’ll take time to talk about them in a separate post),
  4. I am still on extended sabbatical from Facebook (its now been 13 months and honestly, I don’t think I will ever go back), however I do use Twitter and Instagram. I’ve found these allow for meaningful engagement without the attendant anxiety I still find attached to Facebook, and
  5. over the next month several new ‘services’ will come online  – one offering custom built poetry and the other involving tarot, again, each deserve their own post explaining more. There will also be word on the publication of a companion chapbook for No Need to Reply.

I hope this finds you well, content where you are and where you are going. Until next we talk,

Burn bright.


4 thoughts on “Hello World, It’s Me, Jodi

  1. Welcome back to blogging Jodi.
    I met you at the Beaudesert writer’s group 🙂 and decided to follow your blog. Hope to hear more from you and hope that your life settles into some semblance of order.


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