On The Eve of March

Not only am I looking forward to officially embracing Autumn and some cooler weather tomorrow, and celebrating the end of Summer and #pinp17, tonight I’m preparing for #createthisoracledeck – a challenge organised by Kristin at Over The Moon Oracle Cards. 

I stumbled across a mention of the challenge on Instagram at the end of last week. But when I went looking again couldn’t remember where I had seen it. A quick search turned up nothing. So I decided that if I was meant to participate it would be smooth and easy (my mantra for the Year of the Phoenix!)

This meant two things:

1. The details of the challenge would flow into my IG stream without me going searching for them, and 

2. I would easily and cheaply procure cardstock. 

Five minutes after setting those parameters out in my journal – an IG reply elicited the required information about the challenge and a trip to Officeworks, soon after, turned up blank index cards. 

So from tomorrow, I’ll be making an oracle card a day, based on OTM’s prompts. The plan is to mix chalk pastels and water colour pencils with words card from the borked edition of Elyora. 

I’m looking forward to making something, just for me. 

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