Postcardia-cum-Poetica #21

I discovered this Avant card in the back pocket of my satchel Monday morning, possibly from a recent brunch visit to Brew. Possibly from last writer drinks. 

Welcome to my headspace.

I’m currently on hiatus from ‘life as I know it’. My phone is switched off. I have cancelled all my appointments and social engagements. My projects are all on hold, though I’m writing if I feel inspired to do so. No pressure though. I’m on a break.

I’m trying to get back to ‘me’. Trying to relieve the clusterfuck in my head and the horrible emptiness inside. Learning to be okay with taking a break and facing the fear of losing momentum. Sounds like a far better prospect than losing me!

Post depression/chronic pain/insomnia, I’m still a work in progress. I’m still unsure how to drive this body in a way that doesn’t destroy it in the process. Jokingly, as in typing this, I’m reminded of Moe Willems awesome book, Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus.

Unashamedly, this postcard is all about me. No pigeons. And definitely no apologies. 

(Apologies though to the postcard artist who, in my current state of mind, I forgot to note down their surname and social media details. Alex, I’m sorry!!)

7 thoughts on “Postcardia-cum-Poetica #21

        • Before I had my six month break from all social media, I would regularly take 5 days, a week, or 10 days off every month. I knew it was coming, I possibly needed it earlier, but because of some daily postings schedules I wasn’t able to take it. A reminder to myself, its necessary!

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          • For me, it mostly comes down to a “fear of missing out” on posts and things. So I’ve become more relaxed with myself in relation to being “all caught up.” Also I’ve dramatically reduced who I follow to who I really connect with and enjoy seeing/reading.


            • I think that’s why I still haven’t returned to Facebook, other than posting from my official author page. I haven’t worked out how to downsize the flow of information. And quite honestly, I prefer what’s going on over at IG any way. Only posting from the author page means getting over issues with ‘shameless self promotion’. I’ve learned that if there is something that is meant to be seen, you will see it or you’ll be tagged so you don’t miss it.

              My friends were awesome during my hardcore time away – they always made sure I knew about stuff happening or would send me the pics or links they’d posted.

              Proof that life does exist outside of social media – if people make the effort for it to happen.

              I was thinking about when my son was little – there was no Facebook. The internet was still relatively new. How much change I’ve witnessed just in his 13 years!!

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            • I know! I avoid Facebook, I hate it. My friends don’t rely on it too much so I don’t feel like I miss out on a lot. IG is way better and much more enjoyable to me 🙂


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